Yay Soup

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Because obviously, in this era of the internet, one must post pictures of their food as often as possible. It’s not plated or posed or Photoshopped — it’s just soup that I made tossed in a bowl, ’cause eating it straight out of the slow cooker is probably not the best idea.

I had two bowls for dinner last night, and I’m on my third of the day. I’m feeling some of that stomach crap the kids and Z had all last week, so I’m eating slowly (as Smallhausen instructed me to, because she thinks I eat much too quickly). But as I said to Z, this is the sort of food that is perfect for trying to nudge a body past sickness. Each bowl that I get in my face makes me feel a little bit better, which is good — I felt amazingly miserable this morning. And considering that it’s knitting tonight, I definitely want to be feeling well enough to drag corpse out of the house.

I guess that’s about it, really. I should think about trying to eat another bowl of stew, and then getting packed up to go out.


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