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No, obviously my child isn’t the size in this picture, ha ha. But a parcel came in for Z that wasn’t due today, so I asked her to stand there for comparison. He figured out what it was and that it had actually come two days early, so at least that mystery was solved. And at least it was solved before I opened it to find out what it was, as it’s a pressie for [[redacted in case nosy children read over my shoulder]]. *whistles*

Speaking of the childlings, they seem to be nearly mended. We are all taking it carefully to avoid… explosions. I’ve made a slow cooker full of beef soup/stew to feed us for the next couple of days, so that should helpfully aid in mending (and yanno, mean that Z and I don’t have to cook that much, ha ha).

Even if I’m not on holiday like the kids yet, I’m already losing my sense of time. It doesn’t feel like today was Wednesday, though I couldn’t tell you what day it actually felt like. As long as I remember that tomorrow is Thursday and we’re out knitting, then I’ll be okay. Besides wanting to see my friends, one of the other ladies is bringing me a stocking stuffer in the form of four R2-D2 hats she saw at Poundland. It’s not like I’m expecting anything fancy; cheap and cheerful has always seemed the idea behind a Christmas stocking to me.

Right, I should probably think about rounding up children and shooing them towards bed, and putting the stew in the fridge for tomorrow.


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