Lulz, Nope

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To cut a long story short, the girls didn’t go to school today. I’m not convinced that they were poorly enough to actually need to stay in, but they did. But I did manage to grudgingly manage to bathe, so that was the main thing. I can usually power through and make myself do it before I get too gross, but this past week has been understandably difficult. And like, this was supposed to be my last chance for some alone-alone time before the new year, so I REALLY didn’t appreciate having to sunder that which helps me keep sane and healthy. *shakes head*

((Having said that, Smalls has already conked out, so she probably did need some more rest… poor thing <3))

Z came home with some really awesome news — we’re getting Christmas bonuses from work! I’ve never gotten one of those before, hee hee. We haven’t decided how we’re divvying and spending it yet, but we both have some ideas for ‘toys’ that we would considering purchasing with having that sort of ‘free’ money. We’ll see it on our paycheques at the end of the month, so we’ll think about it then. Because, of course…

We have to get through Christmas and a birthday first. I had hoped to do some wrapping today, but the girls being here nixed that. Or well, I might’ve used that as a reason to grump at them for being in that wasn’t actually going to get done… I don’t really know, ha ha. It might be that we work on it tonight, or we might even put it off to the weekend because we HAVE that weekend to put things off to.

For now… gonna think about picking up my knitting… think about it. 🙂


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