The Last Day

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Today is the last day of the kiddos being quarantined from school. Tomorrow… is the last day of school. I’m glad that they get to go in, and they’re glad too. And, thankfully, we all held it together today on the whole. I am feeling a bit cruddier, but like… at least tomorrow I just have me to take care of?  I direly need a bath, and hopefully I can make that happen. It didn’t today because I spent what little spoonage I had caring for the kiddos. And even if they weren’t particularly demand-y, it was still a bit exhausting (especially ’cause Littler wanted to barnacle again, which is REALLY draining).

Also draining is knowing that we haven’t done like, any of the Christmas wrapping. Hell, Z and I didn’t have stockings until this morning; I explained their arrival to the girls by saying Santa had written us and was cross because we didn’t have them for him to put things in… not that they particularly cared, ha ha. I also ordered some fabric paint to put names on instead of our current method, which is putting a printed name label on.

I guess that’s about it for the moment. I’m doing my best to keep my head down and ignore the world burning, because as much as I want to… I just don’t have the spoons to care.


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