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Today was another day on the Toast Train. While everyone is feeling better, we’re all taking it carefully. Knock on wood, everyone seems to be just about out of the woods. Well. I’m starting to feel a bit dicier, but that might also be in my head. Ah well, at least I got us more bread.

And yes, I was amused that the household cripple was the healthy one today, ha ha. I ended up having to go the Post Office to get the pictured loaf, which worked out in my favour. My friend Ja works there, and I’ve not seen her in absolute ages. We used to see each other on the midday school run, but her littlest started going full time at the start of the year, while Ada continued going part part-time (and Z does the normal time school run). I did confirm something that Littler had been telling me — that her best friend is Ja’s youngest, and that little L feels the same way. We both hope that they feel that for years to come, much like Smalls and j are still thick as thieves nearly five years on. And I expect that Ja is keen on the idea of kiddo having a bestie whose parents she likes, ha ha. I know that I am grateful that E and I get on so well, and we are just as fond of J and j.

I guess that’s about it for now. I should probably think about picking up my knitting, as I’ve done like, two stitches.


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