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Whatever tummy bug Littler had has now spread across the family. Smalls has been hugging her bucket all day, while Z has been sleeping. My guts aren’t great, but I’m probably the best out of the lot of us. Smalls and Z are upstairs resting for now, while Littler just helped me make dinner — or an attempt at. I figured if I made a potato-vegetable soup-y thing, that would work for me and Littler, and maybe Z as well. Smalls is still on toast and plain water, and I suspect that Friday was her last day of school for the semester whether or not she wanted it to be.

As for Littler… she’s in good spirits, but she’s been in barnacle mode the last couple of days. I was really frazzled and shitty this morning ’cause people in my space because of how much I’ve been dealing with the barnacle-ing; I almost had a panic attack because people were near me. I must have managed to recover enough ’cause she’s been stuck to me pretty steadily for the past hour or two. I get she doesn’t have her normal two peeps to curl up with, but still.

On the upside, it means I had to think up dinner for the two of us, and that means I bust out my soup-making skills. While Littler seems jazzed by the idea, she is also waffling between nah. Which is fine, I know how the toaster works for those with poorer bellies. I’m hoping that *I* can manage the soup. I’ve done a decent job of snacking today, but not properly doing meals for risk of similar intestinal dramas.

Anyhoos, wish us a better tomorrow. 😀


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