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I woke up this morning to find a bit of snow had fallen. It wasn’t much… really, it was just enough to turn the entire village into a skating rink. It suffices to say that I was very happy that I didn’t have to go out into it, and Z was happy that he didn’t have to walk both kids to school through it.

E came around for a quasi-planned crafting date, which was lovely. She wanted a second opinion on a bit of work, and I was glad to give it based on my own experiences in botching up seaming on tinyperson cardigans. xD Plus in general, it’s nice when we get time to hang out alone. We don’t get as much of that since she started working again, which yanno, fine. I don’t hold it against her that she has a busy life (because that would be an asshole move). it just makes me treasure the time that we do manage to carve out a bit more. And it’s sort of a knock-on as to why Wednesday was so great for us this time — yes, we were with our people, but we spent most of the night talking mainly to each other in a way that we normally neglect because hey, group. Not that we dislike the group, but we are definitely kindred spirits in our introverted ways. 🙂

I’m also glad for the not having to go anywhere because I am pain level exhausted after this week. It’s been a good week with lots of fun, but it’s been hard. I’m currently in that window where I feel swollen and achy, but I can’t justify taking anything for it. It was worse earlier, but sitting and not moving seems to have helped… ‘helped’. I don’t plan on doing much besides sitting, gaming, and knitting and hoping that those two activities don’t make me feel worse. Yeah, the cripple party is no joke, heh.

But anyways, back to knitting and trying to enjoy what I can of life. I think I do pretty well considering the circumstances!


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