All the Good Things (And Other Things)

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Last night’s Christmas dinner was lovely. We knew that the food was excellent from last year, so it made it an easy pick for this year (and we’ve already said yes to coming back next year). E and I had a good old natter, we had a nice meal; it was what we probably both needed.

Today… today started off dubious. Littler was ill overnight and keeping her father up, so I woke up preparing myself for us having to cancel going to see The Last Jedi. Thankfully, Z’s mom is awesome and was more than willing to watch childling so we could use our pre-booked tickets and not have to risk spoilers on social media — her words, not mine. She doesn’t use it herself, but it pleased me that she understood the issues it brings into life. We enjoyed the movie, which is all I am going to say on it. Well, and that I’m happy that they come out in December, because it roughly coincides with when Z and I got together as a couple. I’m not a particularly sentimental sort, but yanno, right in the feels.

All things being equal, I shouldn’t have to get out of PJs until next week, ha ha. Littler will be staying home again tomorrow to rest up, so I don’t have to leave to get her from school. Suffices to say, I approve of this cripple-friendly slobbing. xD


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