Trying Not to Let My Brain Explode

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Today’s picture comes to you compliments of tenacious snow-people shapes. It rained overnight and washed away most of the snow and ice, but there are still bits trying to cling on. It amused me to see three gardens in a row with shapes, so voila.

Today’s subject line comes compliments of Mabel from Gravity Falls. While she was referring to seeing/meeting a boy band, I am referring to remembering that tomorrow, we will be seeing The Last Jedi. I cannot think of an apter commentary on that, ha ha. Even with us going to an ungodly o’clock showing (10 am), it’s new Star Wars. That makes all the difference. And it’s nice that I only know of one friend who is going to be seeing it before us — and even better that he’s not a spoilering asshat. Hand on heart, I will do my best to also be spoiler free for the next couple of weeks (if anyone wants to talk to me about it in private though, that’s totally cool).

Tonight is the Stitch ‘n Bitch Christmas dinner. I’ve got a raging headache, but I’ve just chucked ALL THE THINGS at it, so it should probably be more tolerable before I leave in an hour. I’m slowly gathering up my bits and bobs, also known as ‘cramming as many things to fiddle with as possible into my purse’. With my baseline anxiety being a bit higher lately, having my knitting, or my DS in addition to my phone helps. Like, even if I only do one of the things, or none of the things, having the choices helps keep my brain happier and calmer.

Right, onward.


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