All the Waiting

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Today, I was waiting for a package being delivered by Hermes. The last week and change where we have had deliveries from them, they haven’t knocked on the door and we were starting to get a bit ticked. Then Z realised the doorbell batteries had gone flat again, and got those changed before Hermes showed up today. Lo and behold, they had been ringing the doorbell instead of knocking. I wish that they had done both, but oh well. Some degree of annoyance retracted.

Between that and Amazon parcels, I was waiting all day. Z came home early because we had another performance at school to see, so I managed to get in a needed bath with him covering the door (thank deity, etc). So at least that went right. iI’ve otherwise been dealing with headache-esque phenomena, which um… rude. I just hope there’s a lot less of that tomorrow, ’cause yanno, knitting Christmas Dinner 2.0, and I want to be in good shape for that. Having said that, the thing I wish for more is that some of the ice and slush that hard froze overnight has some melting. It looks like we’re supposed to get some heavy rain overnight and above freezing temperatures, so fingers crossed. And fingers crossed it’s not doing the rain and barely above freezing crap during the school run tomorrow.

Anyways, mind keeps wandering off, so I’m going to do the same.


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