Nearing the End…

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I am nearing the end of the first ball of wool on this sweater — yay! I don’t know how many more rows i am going to be able to get out of the remaining red, but I’m going to get as many as possible out of it. I’m going to guess that it will do me another 2-3 rows, and hopefully I can complete those tonight. It will feel nice to have a little change, even if it’s only in the colour I am using.

Speaking of wool, I’ve selected a goodie out of my stash, and wrapped it for the Pins & Needles Christmas do on Thursday. I won’t spoil what I’ve picked from my stash, but I suspect that anyone who gets it will be appreciative of it. I need to also think about what to do for the other Christmas dinner, but as that’s in December, I can either buy something off of Ebay or Amazon, or (preferably) see if I have a ball or two that I can bear to part with beyond what I’ve already wrapped up. 😀

Right, back to the things.


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