Tasting the Rainbow

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Littler decided she wanted to curl up on me and ‘help’ me play Pokemon, so I figured I’d get a picture of her being my cute little cuddle buddy. She immediately started pulling faces, because that’s what she does now when she sees a camera. Ah well, it’s still cute. And, amusingly, matched my shirt. I didn’t notice that until I was uploading the photo, ha ha.

Z ended up working from home today, which worked to my benefit — he did all three school runs, so I got to rest a bit more. I had toyed with asking him to do it, but in the end had decided to leave him to his work. But yanno, if he’s going to offer, I am going to say thank you and accept it (and I did!).

And the reason he worked from home today, y’all might recall, is because our car was making a bad noise. The  mechanic came by to give it a look at this afternoon, and confirmed that a belt had come off, and that one of the cams had lost its bearings. Google gave me the basic idea of what all that meant, because I am noooooot a car person. He’ll be back in the morning after the school run to give it more in depth look so that he’ll know what exactly we’re going to need parts wise. It’s no party, but it’s a lot less bad than it could have been.

So yeah, it was a good day off for me. I knitted, I Pokemon’d, and generally did my best to not move. I’m frustrated that I am still feeling quite so worn out from the operation a week ago, but I have to concede that it’s definitely added an extra layer of fatigue to my already fucked up default. I’m sure it will turn around sooner rather than later, but whether sooner means tomorrow or a couple of weeks… I guess we’ll see when we get there, and IF I can actually notice a difference.

For now, back to knitting and zoning out and trying to take it easy.


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