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The other day, Z came in with a brimming vase of roses. He’d gone out to prune the bushes before the cold came, and there were still any number of buds still on. I was well pleased to have them, especially since our varieties of roses are all smellygood ones, and I do like the smell of rose.

I have done a good job of not moving today, as was the plan. I’m making slow progress on Pokemon, and on my knitting as well. With the former, I keep stopping and squeeing to see Pokemon being included in this game that weren’t in its predecessor, and am probably progressing even more slowly than the normal crawl I go at because of my usual ‘seriously, I must catch them all before I leave this area’ that my brain is kind of insistent upon. That is a bit harder since the game is new-new, and therefore the wikis aren’t up to date with stuff like where certain Pokemon are and in what ratio. That’s fine though, I guess. It’s not the end of the world.

As for knitting, I’m almost done with my first ball of yarn — yay! I asked Z what colour he’d like next, so I’ve got my order of stripe-age established. So that’s exciting. Mind, one ball of wool is coming up at less than six inches of length, but oh well. Progress is progress, and that makes me happy. I’m going to cake up the relevant wool shortly, and hopefully, the switchover will occur tonight. It might not because there are probably a few rows worth of the red yarn remaining, so.

Right, onwards to that!


2 thoughts on “The Last Of

  1. Evil Kitteh

    Serebii seems to be up to date with most things for Pokemon locations and posts on their main page which pages they’ve updated too.

  2. Raeyn Post author

    Yeah, but the background on their site is black, and that causes me a lot of pain and potential migraines. 🙂


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