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It’s definitely hair yesterday, because it’s a pub bathroom over the shoulder picture of it. We don’t have any mirrors around the house that I can do this with, so I figured I might as well while I had access to one. I’ve realised that my hair has actually grown a bit longer than it usually cuts off at, and that I can just about sit on it. I’m undecided as to whether or not I am going to leave it be, or trim it up just enough that it’s not a potential issue. But otherwise, yay hair?

I also while at the pub managed to make some good inroads on my jumper knitting. Which is to say, I added another inch and a quarter to what I already had. It’s not a lot in the scheme of things, but since my focus at home is really just not with it and is going to be even worse over the next couple of weeks… well. *chuckles* My loose ‘would like to be done with it’ by date is three months hence for Z’s birthday. We’ll see if I manage it. And if not, well… he knows that knitting a jumper takes a lot of time and love and he’s not going to begrudge me taking my time.

As for today, I hit the turnaround point in work. The actuality of getting caught up is totally in sight, and should be achievable next week. I knew it would come sooner or later, but still. It was frustrating, especially since my focus keeps fecking off more and more as the week goes on. At least the week is almost over!

Oh yes, and happy UK Bookday to Seanan McGuire’s alter ego, Mira Grant. My copy of Into the Drowning Deep came in this afternoon, and I will be diving into it (get it?) when i go to bed tonight. I don’t know what to expect outside of carnivorous mermaids, but I am sure that she, once again, makes the whole situation seem disturbingly plausible. That’s one of the big things that I like about her books — she frames it in ways that make it seem like it could be legit life. It’s a pretty neat trick, I think.

Right, time to herd children to bed and stuff.


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