Phteven the Unicorn

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Now, I didn’t expect much from a cheap Adopt-a-Unicorn toy, but I didn’t expect the latest incarnation of the Phteven meme. I mean, did the toy designer ever lay eyes on a horse before? Smalls called it adorable, which was sweet of her. Everything about it is so wonky that like… I don’t even know. *laughs* I’ve got it tucked up with my other tat where I can observe it and think about what to call it…

Today was definitely the day that I managed to hit the turnaround point work-wise. Like, I didn’t get as far past it as I would have liked, but my brain slammed into the wall and refused to concentrate in a meaningful fashion after I had a bit of lunch. I didn’t really expect to make massive progress today anyways, since having the school run bisects the day and is a definite drain on my ability to muster focus. I don’t begrudge it though, not really. It won’t be much longer until I don’t really have to worry about school runs, so yanno, cherish the bonding time the little trek is or whatever.

Tonight… tonight is knitting. I’m looking forward to it, but that’s my general state of being anyways. I have super straightforward stockinette to do, so I can zone out that little bit extra because heeey, don’t need to think. Whether that translates into more socialisation or just completely spacing out… we’ll see, ha ha. I fine either way. It’s all progress, and more dedicated progress than I’ve been doing at home because zoning out gaming. And that is only going to get worse once the new Pokemon game arrives on Friday.

Right, time for pain meds, and half-assedly prepping my bag for tonight.


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