She Wasn’t Impressed

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The camera app that came with my phone has an option where you can tap in the centre of the screen, and it will focus on whatever it’s centered upon. I was looking at Poison there and gave it a go, and came out with this overexposed hilarity. I mean, it does pick her out better than it would have otherwise, but still. Still. *chuckles*

I got started on Into the Drowning Deep last night, and was bemused by two and a half things. The main character lives in Monterey, California. I lived there. The character grew up in the ocean… but I was told to NOT go into the ocean there unless I wanted hypothermia. So that was one and a half of the things. The other made absolutely no mention of the heavy military presence outside of her parents having been in the Coast Guard. I know there were Coast Guard stationed there, but there were a looooooooo more of us up the hill at DLI. I guess us being a more transient population made us less relevant in the summarisation of the composition of the town, but since that was a rather important year in my life, it sort of stung.

Today was release day for the new Pokemon games here in the UK. My copy of UltraMoon came while I was still working, and I’m proud of myself — I put it to the side and waited until work was properly over. I’ll be playing it non-stop the next couple of days to the detriment of like, everything else… but that was always going to be the case.

There is less reason to leave the house this weekend than usual, insomuch that the car needs looking at. Z said the engine was making a funny noise, and he’s arranged for a mechanic in the village to come give it a listen on Monday (hopefully morning). If not, he’ll go to work as normal probably, but I think we both agree it better to not drive much until we know what the problem is (and that, hopefully, it’s a cheaply sorted one). Fingers crossed on that one, eh?

Right, back to mah game!


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