My Water is Tooooo Pretentious

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Okay this isn’t the most inspired picture, even if it’s a picture of how my water is inspired by clouds. Yeah, your guess is as good as mine on that line of backlabel marketing. All I know is that the bottle has a sports cap, and takes up less room on my desk than the pitcher I had.

I have not been particularly productive today. Last night was a great night out of knitting, but I was feeling it a bit today. It’s not like I missed that much sleep if any, but it still hits me hard. At least it was a kids gone all day day, so I could zone out. I DID get some work done, but you know, do better. I think that a part of it this week is just recovering from having the kids around all summer. They were really good for the most part, but it was still people up in my space. I guess my body and brain are doing their best to hoard the quiet times for the moment. As long as it doesn’t end with me being way behind myself work-wise, I’m not going to worry about it at this point. I’d rather do my best work sluggishly than half-assing it and having to fix my mistakes later. There’s always going to be *some* mistakes, but as D and I turn them into learning opportunities, we don’t mind them as much when we do the final pass for the year.

What else… knitting progresses. My replay of Dragon Age: Inquisitions goes on as well, with amusing points like having a grappling hook this time. I keep giggling ’cause I’m running off to loot all the things, while leaving battle to my team. Considering I’m one of the tanks, that’s probably not the best idea even on easy, but sod it. It amuses me to be harvesting Elfroot while my team gets pummelled by demons. I’m probably about to spend way too much time trying to get everything done in the Hinterlands when I can already move on to Val Royeux. We’ll see. I’m having fun doing what I’m doing, so I don’t see a need to rush off and do otherwise.

I do have to go get kids in bed though, so on to that.



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