All the Good Things

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Today has:

Weather – It rained, and there was even a tiny bit of thunder. Alas, it rained on the school run, but never mind. We didn’t get soaked through, so all was well.

Coffee – I’ve actually wanted coffee lately, so it’s been nice having a cup here and there.

Dragon Age – I really do like this game, and I’m not sure why I waited so long to do a replay.

Knitting – Yeah, I know, knitting and gaming are daily, but like, I feel like I’ve made a good couple of rows. I’m all about celebrating and and all progress, because it’s good fuel to make more progress happen. I’m trying to make myself buckle down and work because I would love to finish this cardigan (the white thing) to donate to a friend’s charity raffle at the end of the month. I plan on baking for her at the absolute very least, but I have to admit that I’ve a tendency to want to go a bit… overboard. *smiles*

Mainly though, it’s Friday, woo Friday. We made it through the week without anyone getting murdered. Smalls was a bit shirty at finding out that she still had to do daily reading, and that more homework will be joining it, but she was able to take it on board after some initial grumping. That’s fine, really — as I told her, responsibilities aren’t fun, but we still have to do them. We also set down a really hard rule as to how long her reading is based on when she does it. She’s supposed to do 20 minutes a day per school, so we told her that if she put it off until after dinner, that was going to become 30. Much like the recently added ‘no tablet until your hair is brushed in the morning’ rule, she has accepted that we are not being mean, but having to enforce strict rules to make sure she gets the things done that she is required to get done. She is so far doing these things with good grace and cheer, and I am very proud of her for it.

Beyond that, the plans so far include wandering around Tesco, popping in to visit Z’s parents to see their new couch… there might be something else, but I am not 100% locked in on it yet. Playdate? Maybe. I know that Smalls has been way sad that she hasn’t had a proper one in ages; we failed on that during the summer hardcore. I’ll figure it out later, ha ha. For now, gaming! Knitting! Some sort of beverage!


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