Let’s Play ‘Spot the Spider’

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He’s in there somewhere. I decided not to indicate where he was in case anyone was arachnophobic; he blends in well enough that it’s otherwise a nice picture of a random bit of outside. No, if I had wanted to put a spider in your face, I would have put up the picture of the dead one I found in the upstairs bathroom, formerly of the ceiling directly above where I found his little corpse. It’s the time of the year where spiders haunt houses bold as you please, so at this point, I’m just glad that I can mentally deal with them a little better with each year that I live here… a little. I know that I don’t have the venomous factor to worry about to the same degree one does in Texas, but I still don’t like creepy crawly insect legs, and my skin crawls at the thought of it.


I have had shit for focus today. I got some things done workwise, but not the things I’d originally intended to do. Littler has been really good company for attempting to get things done; she’s been mainly curled up doing her own thing. We’ve had a few cuddles here and there, but I think that we’ve mainly been happy in our own bubbles.

I’ve also, quite importantly, decided to start up a new game of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Last time I played a Qunari because first time I could, while this time I’ve gone for a cute little dwarf. I haven’t decided who I am going to romance yet; I only know I’m not going to do Blackwall again. I won’t get into it to avoid spoilers, but he lied to ‘me’ and broke ‘my’ heart. *sneef* For the exact second, I’m harassing Solas until I run out of conversation options, ha ha. I’m proud of myself for trying to stick to a sort of character for my main, rather than just throwing everything into the ‘right’ answers.

*glares at tiny spider on the wall* I’M WATCHING YOU.

It’s knitting tonight, which I’m looking forward to. I mean, I always do, but for some reason it just sounds extra shiny right now. E characteristically has thrown herself into the deep end on a new project, so we’ll be figuring that out. I giggle, ’cause it’s a blanket, and I’d managed to convince her that blankets were easy. Well. I said they were as easy or as hard as one made them… you can go from there. *giggles more* It’s fine though, really. I’m sure that once we get the first couple of rows in place it’ll be fine. I honestly admire her for jumping in with both feet. For all that I do knit, I’m cautious about what I do.

Right, I’m off to do other things.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Play ‘Spot the Spider’

  1. Evil Kitteh

    Hope you have fun with the romances. Let me know if you want spoilers regarding who dates you as what (race/gender).

  2. Raeyn Post author


    If I get stuck, I already know where the wiki is. I’m not one for being endlessly puzzled by puzzles.


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