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The first day of school is over! We have survived the first day! Hallelujah and things! Both of the girls had a full day of school, and Littler was certainly tired by the end of it. So was Smallhausen, to be fair. Z and I both went to get them from school, so we had a lovely little walk back that missed getting rained on. And, of course, Littler only has a half day tomorrow, which is good. She went ahead and made her lunch for tomorrow with her sister and father (they’re all on packed lunches now), so that’ll be easy to give to her after I pick her up.

And me… oh man, the joys of having the house to myself. The joys of being able to take a hot soak without a small child directing it. The joy of being able to lay quietly and relax for a few minutes. The joy of being able to work without being treated as a climbing frame. Yes, I actually did miss them, but having time to myself is incredibly restorative. Knowing that I am going to have two days ‘to myself’ a week is just… bliss.

So yeah, got some work done. I’ve done a little bit of knitting, but not much. I’ve just sort of been spacing out and gaming, which yanno, definitely has its merits. I also continue to hang out in Kingdom of Loathing, which has been nice. Ascending aside, I’m talking to old friends and new-to-me people, and even if it’s sporadic at best, that’s all I really need to fill up my social meter.

For now, gonna keep stretching out mah knees, which are behaving much better today. I’m going to grab my knitting, kick back, and zone out. And then eat some ice cream at some point. After all, I need the calcium, right? 😉


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