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Well, I’m apparently off to a flying start on this blanket. It’s cheerfully mindless, only requiring me to think on the first stitch and a half of a row to make the increase. Well, and to change colours at the right point. I’ve got it going for 20 rows at current, which… it might be a bit fat, but I’m going to go with it for now. The colours remind me of the Chanel dress that Marge Simpson found, and repeatedly restitched to fit in with the snooty country club set. That wasn’t a factor in purchasing it; that was completely on the ka-ching discount.

Today has been a spectacular day of doing nothing, and doing it well. Nobody left the house, and the only time the outdoors was permitted in was when Z answered the door to get the post//an Amazon package. Really, I can only hope that tomorrow is as slacktacular, ha ha.

For now, I should try to put the blanket aside and make some progress on my top. It’s almost done, so actually finishing it off would be a good thing before getting too stuck in to other things.


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