Well, That Happened

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I did make myself sit down and finish off the last couple rows of my top. And then, I put it aside, reasoning that I wasn’t in the mood to do the sewing. So, of course, I did the sewing. And while there are still approximately one million ends that need weaving in, the actual sewing is done. It’s like wearing a blanket, so it’s going to be perfect autumn/winter wear for me. And the shoulders are wide enough to cover the tops properly, which means I won’t have to worry much about needing any layer atop it to keep said shoulders warm and draught-free.

I’ve also done a little bit on the blanket, but we’re only talking a few rows between me telling myself that I didn’t want to sew, and then getting stuck into the sewing. Ideally, I would like to finish the current stripe, and get the next one started. As each stripe is 20 rows, that’s a pretty good chunk done, especially when each row is currently getting that little bit longer.

I also need to think about what my next mobile project is going to be. I’ve got some sock wool that I would love to bust out, but I also want to actually bust some of my existing stash. Whether that means sucking it up and doing some crochet… we shall see. Having said that, I did tell Z I was gonna start on a sweater for him soon, so I need to continue my research for a pattern that I like for him (ideally, one I can use and rescale for the entire family to have semi-matching ones). I might ask on Facebook and see if any of my friends have some good ideas, or favourites…

Right, back to knitting!


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