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Littler came stomping down in mismatched wellies, and I was charmed enough to ask her to take a picture. She agreed… and then grabbed her sister’s math book and started trying to hide behind it. After a couple of attempts I managed to get this particularly triumphant shot for the win.

And yes, math book. Z and I saw some Star Wars themed workbooks at Tesco, and figured we’d pick some up so Smalls could keep her skills up over the summer. She was a bit snotty at first and tried to claim she hated math… which we know is her favourite subject. It’s hard to get her to slow her brain down enough to read instructions, so she got a bit grumpy at me for patiently making her read through. Once we agreed she knew what she was doing, she took off with it, and then brought it back to me for ‘grading’. That’s been fun, actually. I’ve shown her where she’s made mistakes, but she’s surprisingly calm about having made mistakes. I’m doing my best to pat her on the back and tell her she’s doing great, because she is. I’m also relived that she didn’t think it meant she got dessert tonight, ’cause she got some yesterday for it. tl;dr good kid is good.

As usual, not much on the agenda, though I DID propose a trip into town. I’d spotted a new ice cream shop in a local group, and figured a wander through the town centre and some ice cream might go over well with everyone, weather permitting. It’s supposed to be mainly dry, so. *shrugs* We’ll see.

For now, I am going to work on my knitting and zone out, because these are the good things.


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