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Z and I do the vast majority of our grocery shopping online for delivery. We tend to start in the discount section, which means that we get some things we’d probably not get otherwise. One of mine this most recent shop was cinnamon rolls, which nobody regrets. We all had one as a post-dinner treat and were well received. It probably helped that I dressed up the glaze with a greater quantity of glaze, and chucked in a bit extra cinnamon and some nutmeg for pizazz.

I’ve not gotten to do as much knitting done today as I would have liked. Chunky wool tends to put some pinchy painful kinks into my back. I took some paracetamol and have reverted to more gaming over knitting, but still. I’ve gotten past the rib section, and I want to get stuck in hardcore to finishing it up. I’m looking forward to it being done and draped across my fat tum, but I’m also looking forward to doing other things (but not enough to switch projects). Maybe I can hit a nice middle ground by doing some pattern searching…

Beyond that, my heart hurts for what’s going on in Charlottesville. A Nazi by any other name is still a Nazi, and the ‘protesters’ there have been spotted bearing Nazi paraphernalia and the like. I’ve seen stories of attacks on counter-protesters, such as someone driving a car through a bank of them… you know, like all the terrorist attacks we’ve been having in Europe lately. I suspect that tomorrow is going to have even worse news from there, and I just. Diversity is a good thing. People of colour and women matter, and it’s infuriating that a bunch of white cishet males think they have a right to insist that everything goes back to where they reigned supreme in all things. And yeah, I’ve seen people say that they have a right to freedom of speech as well, but considering that speech is the kind that calls for marginalising and hurting other people… it shouldn’t be quite so protected. I just. Ugh.


Right, gonna try and do a bit more knitting.


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