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I can confirm that the first top I blocked took on the extra inches. It would be nice if it was even a bit longer, but it does the job of happily covering my squishy tum-tum. I was also able to put a little more give into the neckline, which I made the mistake of not doing as a stretchy cast-off. It’s still a bit snugger than I would like, but I am at a loss of what to do outside of picking it back, trying to remember which oddment of wool matches, and redoing it. It’s not bad enough for that really — it’s just that my brain tends to panic at things brushing the front of my neck for some reason.

That’s fine though. A little tug puts it to rights, and it’s perfectly cozy for the weather we’re having today. It’s proper chilly, the kind of thing that I would consider wintry back in Texas. It’s supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow, but the conditions are still supposed to be overcast. That’s fine, ha ha. It’s the United Kingdom, and ‘everybody knows’ that England is the Land of Eternal Rain, just like Seattle. xD

It’s knitting tonight, and I’m excited that we might have some of the recent absentees returning. It’s not 100%,  but it’s possible. I know that there have been some faces that I’ve missed on a Wednesday, but at least I see most of those on a Thursday! Really though, it’ll be nice to be out and knitting whatever the case, whomever might be there. The point is to get out of the house, make vaguely social, and make some progress on my knitting. I spend half the time totally zoned out in my own head anyways, so.

*curls up in bathrobe*

Z and I have some preliminary ideas for the outside refurbishment that we’d like to do. I know that the timescale is ‘sooner rather than later’, but I don’t know how soon that is either. There are special considerations too, like the fact the gas meter box is installed on the wall that will be coming down. The cost to move it is based on the distance it’s moved, and to me, putting it on what will be the new side of the house would be ideal… but that would require the porch getting boxed off before the other work that actually needs doing gets done. I think. We know that we both need to sit down together and apart and play with figures and ideas and see what we come up with… though I feel we’ve a fairly concrete base plan anyways. And, for funsies, we have the actual document with the proposed extension that was the kitchen to refer to, which pleases both of us.

That’s enough for now. I’m off.



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