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Like many knitters, I am a reluctant blocker. I knitted a lot of tops last year and while I’ve worn some of them successfully, several of them definitely needed the blocking treatment. For instance, this green top? In spite of making it to measure, it somehow rucked up to a super short 16 inches. There was no freaking way that was going to work on me. After pinning it out, I look like I stand to gain 11 and a half inches of length. The actual fabric of the top looks happier for the stretching, and I look forward to seeing how it comes out tomorrow.

But! This wasn’t the start of the block party, no no. I had intended to wear one of my mother knitted tops to that party this weekend, but found that it was just a tiny bit too short to wear comfortably//keep my tum covered. I forgot to measure it before pinning it out, but I managed to regain a couple of inches. I need to double check the fit now that it’s fully dried, but it seemed to have reached a promising length when I unpinned it and hung it up.

After the current one is done, there’s like… another two that need doing. There’s a third top that is fine as it came off of the needles, which is the red cabled one that I wear with some frequency. And really, I guess it’s nice to finally suck it up and give them the finishing that hours of effort deserve.

Beyond that, survived another day of children and work. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to do, ’cause hey, ran short of spoons. I’ll just have to prioritise what’s what tomorrow to make sure that which needs doing gets done. *jazz hands*

Right, I’m off, back to knitting.


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