Stage One: Done

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I cast off on the front half of my top a little bit ago, and started casting on for the back half. Then it was dinner time and now I’m just sort of a fooded blob of zoning out.

I can’t say that I mind, not really. It’s a comfortable place to be. I can hope it translates to better sleep when I get to that point of my evening. Getting to sleep has been a bit wobbly the last couple of nights, though I couldn’t tell you why. It might be the whole ‘really even with a padded topper and a duvet under you this mattress is way too hard now and you can’t get the new one soon enough’. Once I’m out I’m out, but still. Getting there can be dicey.

I probably mentioned in the recent past that we’ve got some refurbishment that needs doing. Z and I went out and looked at things together (on the back of him conversing with his parents, and a neighbour on the parish council who knows about these things). We are in agreement that the porch is going to get boxed in to make a nice alcove. We’re going to replace the wall to the backyard with a fence. We’re going to probably replace the passageway wall with a fence, but put it at an angle to create room for bin storage. I teased Z and told him he should boot up The Sims and play with design there. I’ve got the game up myself, but the neighbourhood is so full of tiny houses crammed in by me that I don’t really have room to play with for design. I’d be more likely to doodle that sort of thing on graph paper anyways, so I might print out a sheet in a bit and do just that. If I unblob enough to want to deal with it, ha ha.


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