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Today’s picture is the armhole shaping of my top. It’s simple and attractive, two features I like in my knitting. I’ve made myself put down the 2DS and do a bit of knitting instead of Pokemonning, so yanno, a bit of progress. It also helps that I ‘won’ Farm For Your Life, so that itch is scratched for the time being. Less distractions means mo’ betta knitting, blah blah.

I’ve done a spectacular job of doing nothing today, while Z has been productive. He got out in the back garden and got the mowing done, which meant the girls followed him out for a nice play. Mind you, if Littler had her way, she’d stay outside all day. Smalls, on the other hands, tends to drag her heels about going out. She has fun when she does, but she’s the one of the two of them that wants someone watching her 24/7/366. I love them both dearly for who they are as individual people, but it would be nice if older took after younger in in dependance. Oh well. *chuckles*

Quote of the day: ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got this!’ — Littlerbit

I can’t think of anything to add, and it’s time to herd children to bed, so I’m off.


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