For Those About to Rock

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This afternoon, we attended a party at a friend of mine’s house. Z and the girls had met her the one time previously I had, but none of us had been to her house. So I’m proud of the girls for being well behaved, and I’m proud for Z for keeping his head above water in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. It was a good time though, and we got out before it got too boisterous. I mean, unless boisterous to you is small children strumming a harp and spreading Lego everywhere, ha ha.

It also helped that the people who were there appeared to be as differently abled as us. When I’d commented that I’d not brought my usual fiddle in the form of knitting, one guest pulled out a craft kit, while our host offered to get wool from upstairs for me to play with. I thanked them both and explained that I was happy that i was doing well enough without something in my hands and that I wanted to see how long I could take it. The answer ended up being ‘most of the time there’. It was nice to be amongst people who were able to understand neurodiverse responses to things, in part due to neurodiversity amongst the guests. So that was nice. I am glad for all of my friends across the world, but I definitely appreciate those who are ‘crazy’ like me for the understanding support they can give by dint of having been there and done that.

Of course, having been social a few hours in a strange place means I’m completely wiped. It was pleasant and I didn’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest, but it was the first time and that’s always going to take a toll above and beyond the one for having to make mouth noises at people. I sincerely hope that I don’t have to move tomorrow, ha ha.

For now, back to Farm For Your Life. It really is quite a fun little game.


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