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Today started as one of those days where everything was getting on my tits. The girls, bless ’em, were already bouncing off the walls and going full tilt, while I could barely keep my train of thought on the rails. I ended up getting a bit snappish because please dears, let your mother have some caffeine. But nobody died, I got some work done, and I even got them to go play outside. It wasn’t what they wanted, which was the water guns pictured. But Z had plans to do a bit of gardening, so he was happy to watch them while they shot each other. I smiled and waved from the window; cat-me loathes getting hit with water guns. The last time someone did hit me with one, I walked up and slapped them in the face, so (though to be fair, I had said in advance of that incident that was going to be the result of anyone shooting me with a water gun).

It was a really good knitting night last night. There were only seven of us, but we were loud and chatty the entire time. I made some progress on my top, but that’s ’cause it was requiring me to think and I didn’t want to mess it up. I generally make good progress on a night, and while any progress is good progress, it was still less than I ‘like’ to make. Is fine though. I’ll hopefully make some good progress over the weekend. As usual, there’s little to nothing planned, outside of making a token appearance at a friend’s party. I’m looking forward to that in a tired sort of way. I’m glad we were invited, I’m glad that we’re going, but the whole jazzing myself up thing is exhausting.

Speaking of jazzing myself up, I should make myself eat dinner. I had like, three bites of my dinner last night and am only vaguely hungry now. I guess right now I’m hungrier midday and eating more then, and it’s carrying me into the evening. Or maybe it’s just what I told Z — that I’ve gone off of the lasagna we normally buy. Fingers crossed dumping a bunch of seasoning on it makes it more palatable, ha ha.


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