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Before we moved in, there was quite a bit of work that needed to be done before it was ‘habitable’. The wiring hadn’t been updated since the 60s, and most of the rooms needed some degree of redecoration. In that, Z’s parents were a huge help (and with enabling us to make the move in general).

There was also assorted external brickwork that needed doing, but we had to put into the ‘later’ category because yanno, money. Safety is becoming an issue though, especially with this bit of all at the front of the house. Z talked about it with his parents, who encouraged him to get someone to look at it. There’s a guy that’s been working across the road who has been pleasant to us when we pass doing the same sort of work, so Z asked him to come over and look at with him. That’s how, besides with our own eyes, we know it’s gotten to a bad point.

I don’t know exactly what level of work getting done yet. Z and I have some things we’d like to see done, like getting the passageway expanded and covered over. But as his mother has pretty much out and out said that they’re paying for it, there’s a good chance that we’ll try to convince them to settle for basic repairs, while they’ll suggest something mo’ betta. We’ll see. I’m intensely grateful that they go out of their way to help us with so many things that we’d otherwise not really be able to afford in the near future. This comes atop us asking to help us buy a new mattress because we’re overdue and our old one is killing our backs, so like. *flail*

It’s knitting tonight, so I’m bathed and shaved, and hurriedly cramming things into my bag. Time is doing its usual creeping up on me job; I normally¬† head out the door in about 20 minutes. So I should probably get that sorted.


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