Entropy and Homeostasis

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My desk is a constant battleground between entropy and its love of disorder, and homeostasis and its attempt to balance itself. I managed to strike back again a little bit this afternoon, so I get to show it off, hee hee.

It’s been a sluggish sort of day, which is fine. We got home in record time last night, and while that meant the girls were in bed rather late, it all worked out nicely. Yes, girls — we had to retrieve Littlerbit on the way home. Turns out her grandparents had tucked her into bed with her tablet, which is a no-no because she’ll stay up all night with it. They were overall happy with how things went down though, and are looking forward to trying again. Smalls gets to have her turn next weekend first though, of course.

Oh yes, sluggish. For me, at least. Z has been zipping around doing chores, while mine have been doing some minor jewelery repair, the aforementioned desk clearing, and getting my pills done for the next week. I’ve not even looked at my knitting yet, and I honestly don’t know if I will today. I’ve been zoning out in gaming today — some Prison Architect, Minecraft, and Pokemon Sun… mainly that last one. It’s been a good sort of zoning out and ignoring the world mechanism, which is what I need after being ‘social’ yesterday.

Sort of, ha ha.

R and I high fived at one point because we had barely spoken to each other for the entire day, because that’s quality introversion. And THEN, I almost messaged her to tell her what just happened because what is this even. I ended up tweeting about it instead, and my people, oh my people, they appreciate all of this. xD

Right, I’m going to go back to that zoning out now.


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