Time, She Flies!

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So like, it’s been fun here at R and C’s house, but it’s already almost time to go. Whut. At least it looks like, knock on wood, we’re going to get a sunnier trip back than we did to here. And I leave with some goodies too, hee hee. R picked up the Pokestop sticker for me, and some Twizzlers, and some Twinkies. I will have to remember to stock up on Redvines when she comes to visit next, because she prefers those the way I prefer Twizzlers. I’m a tiny bit sheepish that I didn’t think about that last time we were in Tesco… like, this morning, earlier this week, etc.

But yeah, it’s been fun! I’ve made some dawdling progress on my unicorn. I’ve zoned out and enjoyed not being in our space. Z has really enjoyed not having to deal with anything. And Smallhausen is having fun chasing after C and being a helper, and playing lots of video games with him and Z. So that’s been fun. We’ve not heard from Z’s parents, so we’re presuming that things are going well with Littler. She picked a bed this morning when he took her over, so fingers crossed we get home without hearing anything. Worst comes to worst, we pick her up and take her home. Since we’re leaving here at a reasonable hour, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Right, I should make a half-assed effort to pack up.


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