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Today’s picture(s) come to you compliments of the school run. There’s always lots of pretty things to see in peoples’ gardens along the way, to include the sassy cat I spotted lounging under a tree. I took more pictures than these, so maybe I’ll use them some other time.

I managed to achieve all my objectives today, which were:

A.  Fetch child, and
B.  Have a bath

My hair was well overdue, and I keep petting it because oh heeeey, clean hair feels great. With this never-ending cold, I’ve had even less spoons than usual to dedicate to self-care, so. It’s the usual dance — feels good to have it done, but that doesn’t magically make it easy to get done.

Much easier is my task of this evening — gauge squares for the ‘Salsa’ top. Since I tend to make clothing more than anything else, I’m a bit better about doing gauge squares than some of my friends. And in this regard, I am REALLY glad I am doing it because it seems whatever tension the original knitter did, mine is requiring me to go to smaller and smaller needles. I started out on a 7mm, and am doing a 6mm. I’m thinking I might have to go down to a 5.5mm, but I’ll see how it reads in another four rows. *checks* This might pass muster… then that only requires doing the other gauge square for the project, ha ha. The one I’m doing right now is for the ribbed section, and then I have to do another for the rest of it. At least it’s a nice chunky wool, so it’s not like it’s taking me ages.

As for tomorrow, Z had an idea that makes sense. We’re going to leave Littlerbit with her grandparents for the day, and (fingers crossed), overnight as well. That means we travel with the hardier Smallhausen, who is less likely to destroy all the things at R & C’s currently child-free house. I look forward to a day when we can travel without them for a visit again, or heck, just farm them both out for a night so we can veg at home alone without worry about them… sooooooon. For now, at least we should, hopefully, have a smooth trip to and from.

And now, I am going to get back to gauging. Woo.


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