All Kinds of Fluffy

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But not like, the good kind of fluffy. The sort of puffed up snotty gross sort of way. I’m hoping that I luck out again tonight and have another solid night of sleep, and that a bath tomorrow gets the worst of it out of me. After all, I’ve got at least 4 hours in a car on Saturday to go a-visitin’, and I am determined to go. I think it’ll be fine, but I’m not used to being this ‘sick’ (or at least, this flavour of sick) for so long.

Still, I guess it’s been a good day, snotty fluff aside. The kiddo was a tiny riot, I got some work done, nobody died… it about ticks all the boxes. I messed up a batch of work invoices and it meant triple the work to fix it, but yanno, not the end of the world — just an annoyance. It’s hard to complain when things have lined up for me to not get stuck waiting on stuff too much, which is nice. Things have been busy this year and I haven’t had many points where I can get caught up because of waiting for other stuff. I almost made it last month, so maybe this will be *the* month? I’m hopeful, ha ha.

For now, I am going to curl up with my knitting, and contemplate another early night. I technically was in bed early last night in spite of socialisation. E and i had a good night knitting, but we were both yawning our heads off. Since she left a little bit before we normally would leave the pub, it means I was in bed sooner. And, thankfully, out cold quickly. Plus also, I finally started reading the Reckoners novels (Brandon Sanderson), and once again he’s managed to write something that hooks me really hard. I’m almost annoyed at how quickly I fell asleep last night because I’m *really* close to the end, but could only make it a few pages before zonking. Maybe I’ll make it through tonight, or maybe not.

For now, butts.


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