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In honour of our 10th anniversary, Z arranged for his parents to take the kids so we could go out and have a meal on the town. He casually surprised me with the idea yesterday so we would have time to decide before going out tonight. It was an easy pick — there is a new Mexican in town, and were obligated by law (honest!) to try it out.

In the same ‘obligated by law’ bracket is this — in any Mexican restaurant that has a form of sopa de tortilla (tortilla soup), I absolutely have to try it out. It was on the menu as chicken soup, but I knew it was the goods. And, even better, they suggested on the menu having it in two cups and splitting the starter. We aren’t starter people, so that was extra neat by our reckoning. And it was good! It wasn’t as good as my absolute favourite, which is a comfort food from childhood, but it was still right up there. We both had chicken enchiladas for our mains, and my only complaint was the lack of guac. I should have asked then and there for some, but never mind. I will next time (because there will definitely be a next time).

And for dessert, a course we always skip? Well, I had a hankering for churros, and for Z to have a chance to try them. My only grumble about those is that I like them best in crispy hollow straw format, while these were denser. They were still gorgeous and we polished them off in short order, but still. *chuckles*

But yes, annimaversary — our tenth one, to be precise. Both of us were sitting there at dinner commenting on how it cannot possibly have been that long, but then we remember our eldest will be 8 this year, so whelp. It’s gone fast, I should add — that’s why. There’s been ups and downs, but our love for each other remains constant, blah blah sappy. But that *is* how we feel, in our own pragmatic way. We’re good for each other, though I’d always argue he’s better for me and that I’m getting the best end of the deal. He feels that he does, so can’t complain. We’re both happy. 🙂

For now, I am going to slob off and digest. As said, we don’t normally go for a starter or a dessert, so we both ate a bit more than we normally would. and even with making sure I had the belly space for it, it’s still a lot to process. Hopefully that means better sleep, amirite?


2 thoughts on “Date Night!

    1. Raeyn Post author

      She isn’t 8 *quite* yet… but soon enough. And yeah, last time I saw you she was a fetus, so ages.


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