And Finally, The Sky…

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Today, the rains finally came. Well, it rained a bit yesterday, but today seems to have been the day for the rain to come in a way that caused peoples’ headaches to eff off. I still feel fairly awful, but my head pain has been mainly manageable.

It probably helped that I went to bed stupid early last night. Like, before the girls went to sleep, and was out cold until morning. I’m half-wondering if I will be repeating that tonight, but we’ll see. I’m not in a rush to get in bed per se, but as I can’t nap, tacking on extra sleep requires going to bed early, or sleeping in. The latter ain’t happening with kids, so.

Still, I had the house to myself today, which was good. It meant that I could properly take it easy. Littler had an extra school day wedged in by dint of it being a field trip to the scout yard, and us thinking she should go this time. I still logged in and did a bit of work-work, but at a really sedate pace while doing other things. I plan on being similarity semi-restful tomorrow, and am supported in this by having the car for the school run. Z will be going with Smallhausen’s class for their turn at the scout yard, so. Woo. *waves tiny flag*

It was a good yarning day. For one, I buckled down and finished my socks… like… 15 minutes ago. I was so close to getting them done that I figured it was a good goal to set myself, getting them done before coming here. *rubs socks on face*

There was also the factor of more wool mail coming through. I don’t know why, but the last couple of orders I’ve done on LoveKnitting have sent them out as guest orders — even though I was logged in when making the order. So I had no idea when either leg of my order was coming in. The one skein coming from the UK showed up a day or two after I placed my order a week ago, and the skeins getting shipped from the US came in today. I’ve already got a pattern picked that I would like to do with it, though the ‘problem’ of it being worked bottom up means that I will have to make an educated guess on how much extra length that I *might* be able to work into it. We’ll see what I can determine from the gauge square when I get to it. I’m going to probably make myself detour and do a small project/kit before I do that, so.

Straight from the US, it’s super fancy shizz I got on the cheap!

Right, I should think about… not doing much, or maybe going to sleeeeep.


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