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Seen at the doctor’s office

This morning after the school run, I told Z that I really wanted him to take me to the walk-in clinic. The headache crap was persisting, if not *quite* as bad today as yesterday. So we went and we waited for like, 80 minutes to be seen. And when we did, the tl;dr was that I just needed to wait it out. Hrmph. *chuckles* Which is to say, nothing looked infected or sounded suspicious, and that the headache was just attached to the cold that I currently have. So fair enough, I guess. I did feel a bit better for that reassurance that I wasn’t about to die or something. The lady we saw did add that I should consider touching base with my actual doctor start of next week if it was still a problem. We’ll see. I’m trying to be optimistic that it’s on the downward slope.

Really, the main things I need to remember are to take it easy, and to keep properly hydrated. I am pretty good on the latter usually, though I’m not quite as good when my drinks get hot too quickly. I got fussed at while in the office for not having hydrated enough at that point, which yeah, I hadn’t because I’d been sitting in a lobby for an hour and a half and I didn’t want to move because moving caused my head pain to flare up. *snarky jazz hands* I’ve done a better job of it since getting home though, so.

And as for taking it easy, the most strenuous thing in the next couple of days was going to be getting Littlest from school. But as Z will be parent helping Smallhausen’s class, I’ll have the car for that little trek. Otherwise, I would have been quicker to call on my in-laws than I otherwise might have. And hopefully Littler herself will be cooperative in not making me overextend myself. She spent a lot of last week trying to make me get up and follow her to the kitchen so she could try to demand sweets several times an hour, and I just. No. I don’t know why she thinks that’s going to work.

*elbows cat off of chair arm* Feck off cat, I am not up to you right now.

So yeah, bit tired, bit frazzled. Going to be taking this week one day at a time.


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