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Yeah, the desk is pretty much a clutterfest all the way around, ha ha. It’s hard for me to care about it right now with this persistent headache, but at least said headache has been a bit better today? I’m still having to throw pain meds at it, but not as many. I think that there is a good chance that I won’t need to go to the walk-in clinic tomorrow, but I’m not taking it off of the table either. Z is feeling a bit bad about me feeling rubbish, since I always end up sick when I have to cover for him. I don’t begrudge him that though — I don’t begrudge the validity of his feelings, and I don’t begrudge that I do make myself sick pitching in. I’m glad that I could help. I’m not thrilled with the level of clapback my body gave me, but I’m not going to get worked up over it either.

D left earlier today to go to her next stop. It was so good to see her, and I think that we all hope that it happens again sooner rather than later. It’s sort of amusing to me how in our ‘old’ age 8 years can slide by so easily, but so it goes. And it’s not like 30 years ago where you didn’t have an internet connection and social media to keep a spy-eye on folks. It doesn’t give all the details, but at least, Iunno, it’s a nice way of being mainly sure friends are still alive.

Beyond that… I did a good job of mainly not moving. I gamed, and I knitted, and I blew my nose a lot. I frankly sound terrible, and it’s kind of hilarious because of how bad it is. As said, I’m hoping it’s better tomorrow, but as long as it’s better for next weekend… And really, the hardest thing tomorrow will be the school run, and if I’m not sure I can manage, I can always ask my in-laws for help. Knowing that I have them for back-up is a huge boon, even if I do my best to avoid ‘taking advantage’ of it.

For now, back to my not moving slackerdom.


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