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Well, I did manage to get the socks done last night… I think I mentioned that. So I spent today winding up the remaining wool, moving crap around on my desk, and eventually getting the pattern for the toy kit I wanted to do next printed. It happens to be for a unicorn, which yanno, yoink! I also printed out the pattern for the top that I want to do after it, the top that I’m using that sexy wool/silk blend for. It’s a bit of a swerve from the socks all year, but that’s fine. It’s not like the wool is going to expire from not being turned immediately into socks, so.

I’ve chosen to stay in tonight to try and work on that whole self-care thing. We’re off to see R & C on Saturday, and the round trip means I have to be feeling human enough to handle that. So better to stay in and take it easy. E is coming over to do a bit of knitting and chatting, which works out. She wasn’t sure she was going to be able to make it out due to the matter of a few minutes one way or another, but coming over here works out just fine. L from down the street might pop in too. I always mean to hang out with her, but we are both rubbish at organising that. Z brought it up on the school run, so hopefully that will bear fruit.

And if it doesn’t, well. I might just try to go to bed early again. It didn’t work out that well last night. I ended up tossing and turning and taking ages to get to sleep. But I think that was luck of the draw as much as anything else. I’m yawning fit to win for England, but yanno, company. Yay company.

*gets to that*


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