It’s Full of Stars

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My jammies, my head, everything. This cold continues to be brutal, and I think that it’s probably a sinus infection as well. I told Z that we should probably go to the walk-in clinic on Monday and get it looked at if it’s still bad. I’m not counting on it getting better, but I’m also not counting on it being bad enough to wait until there’s an appointment open at our surgery on Wednesday (or that I could keep myself alive that long).

At least I managed to get myself moving enough to join everyone else in going to the school fete. D arrived just fine this morning, and we agreed that being out at the fete was sun enough for one day. The breeze was plucky enough that it wasn’t completely miserable, and it was really nice in the shade. Less nice in the shade was someone asking me when I was expecting. Um, not pregnant mate, just fat. I’m still amused that it didn’t bother me, though the woman who made the mistake apologised like, a trillion times (woooo).

Beyond that, it’s nice hanging with a beloved old friend and doing my best to not really move. And I am going to get back to that.


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