Good Things (Come in Boxes)

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In a delightfully timely fashion, our new cable box and router arrived — just as we were heading out of the house for a few errands. Our new service won’t be live until Monday, but at least the kit is here. So yay for that.

The cabinet only went live this week, and it will nice to finally have decent internet again. I just ran a speed test, and it was less than 8 down, and less than half a meg up… that isn’t acceptable, especially not for our household. The new package we’re moving onto has an advertised down speed of 76Mbps… but we’re so close to the cabinet, we’ll reputedly get an average of 79-80. Oh, and 19Mbps up, which means that the down is really worth something.

So yeah, that’s a nice thing to focus on. I need a bit of cheer because my head is seriously trying to kill me today. Even having chucked some serious pain meds at myself this evening, it hurts to exist. It doubly hurts when I stand up, so I’m doing my best to avoid moving for the moment. I’m hoping that this is hitting the high point of bad before getting better… fingers crossed, right?

*coughs and jostles head* Oooooooow ><

Right, I am going to just… try to not move for a bit.


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