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So, I rolled my character yesterday morning. I had work, I was out on a night, and then I had work again today. So, how am I level 34 already, ha ha. Granted, I’m currently on Expert difficulty, which is juuuuust about challenging. I think it’s the first time that I’ve ramped up the difficultly on a first run-through for a character, and now I’m wondering what I was so scared of. The joy of exploding corpses aside, it actually being almost difficult is awesome.

*dings 35 while writing this*

But yes, work today was excellent. I hit the point of being the most caught up possible before the month ends tomorrow, which is yay. I’ll be on standby if anyone needs anything of me tomorrow morning, but that probably won’t be the case. Really, the only thing on my agenda tomorrow is Driving Miss Daisy; Z has a minor procedure, and I’ve got chauffeur duty. I don’t mind though. I can help, and I am glad to help.

As for last night, I made good progress on my sock. I’m entering that zone known as ‘too short, too short, gah how did that row make the project grow an inch?!’ I hope to complete it over the weekend, but who knows with new games to play. I’m also not quiiiiiite in the mood to try and think about what I want to work on after this, which is making me drag my heels (in my head, at least). I’ll figure something out. The thing I’m leaning to the most right now is a sweater for Z, because I want to stash bust and he’s a big guy, so I could probably use up a couple of skeins making something nice for him.

For now, time to take my meds, and help herd the children to bed.


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