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First things first — Z’s minor operation went well. I’m doing my best to dote and cover chores so he can rest up over the weekend… which should hopefully go a bit more smoothly because he made the point to get things fairly caught up before we headed out for the ‘party’. I need to try to remember to get dishes processed tonight before we go to bed so that it’s not building up in the morning… but we’ll see how it goes. For the moment, I’m full of takeaway kebab of glory and not that inclined to move. That’s compounded with me having done my bit to get the girls in bed, so the day is ‘over’, sort of. *chuckles*

There was one minor boo of the day — it was Sports Day at the school, and the appointment meant that we were not going to be in attendance. We couldn’t’ve gone to see Littler because parents aren’t invited to see the smallest children (reasonable, ’cause crowds can be scary), but Smallhausen’s doings were in the afternoon. We almost rescheduled this appointment so we could go, but sooner done, sooner over. At least she got to report back that her team were the overall winners for the year, so hooray for that.

Still, the girls got some time over with their grandparents, which means some degree of ice cream and general spoiling. I had to laugh because when we went to pick them up, Smalls was playing her grandmother like a fiddle. They’d just finished their ice cream, so she was asking for strawberry milk and a sandwich. I nixed the sandwich because we were ordering that glorious takeaway. I’m hoping that we can farm them off to their grandparents for a few hours this weekend so Z can have some proper quiet downtime for relaxing and recouperating… but we shall see.

For now, I continue my Diablo III fun. I’m level 44 now. Yeah. I’m sort of bemused by this, but whatever. I’m chugging along, things aren’t dead easy… so really, can’t complain. I might try to duck out and do some rifts later/tomorrow, but I’m not feeling it right now. If anything, I feel like I’m going to fall asleep sitting up, which is sort of funny. The hardest thing I did today was hand hold and do a little bit of driving. *shrugs*



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