Exploding Corpses for Fun and Profit

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After cacking up a few things and my bank getting whiny because I gave money to Blizzard (true story — all my Blizzard purchases get flagged), I was able to role myself a Necromancer this morning. Of course, I had to wait until after work and bath to give her a go, but man. I’m having serious fun. And that fun derives from exploding corpses, which then makes more corpses to explode, and the skill doesn’t seem to have a cost or a timer, so it’s just a chronic chain of explosions. It’s probably overpowered or something, ha ha. If it is, it is, and it will get adjusted later. For now, it makes me giggle, and sing a song about exploding corpses that apparently annoys Smallhausen. Oh well. 😀

Today has been a good day, as far as days go. The rain held off for the school run. I got caught up on work for the first time in months. I had a good soak in the tub, though I don’t know that it actually unkinked anything. I’ll definitely be throwing some pain meds at my back before going out tonight. *makes it so*

Right, my mind is anywhere but here, so I am going to return to vaguely getting ready to go out, and getting in some D3 before I go. Ta ra!



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