At Least They Don’t Know the Song

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Which is to say, the torture that is Raffi’s Bananaphone is *not* a thing over here. Ironically, it wasn’t a thing in my life until I was an adult involved with Radio KoL; my parents never inflicted children’s ‘music’ on us that I can recall. Instead, we had good and probably inappropriate stuff like The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Moody Blues (definitely not kid-friendly, ha ha). Not that I hold that against them — it’s all music that I enjoyed, and still enjoy.

Still, the conversation was too cute to not take pictures of. Apparently, Littler was in the sky going to the moon or something. But it’s just like, kid, growing up so fast, having a ‘phone’ conversation with her sister. I seriously cannot get over how much they are completely different, yet love hanging out so much. Sure, I’m sure the older they get the saltier they’ll get towards each other, but I just… my grinchy heart keeps exploding or something? *chuckles*

And speaking of those munchbutts, time to go tuck them into bed. Then I’ve got the downstairs to myself for a bit ’cause Z has a meeting, so that’ll be nice. And Diablo III: Reaper of Souls officially dropped today, so I should probably log in and roll a Necromancer at the very least.


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