Too Many Pictures in the Year

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My mother-in-law’s birthday is in a few days, and her one request was that I whip up a new filler for the picture frame we got her last year. The filler currently in it was pictures of the girls from the previous year, so what I’m doing is the same again. As I’ve taken *thousands* of photos in the past year, and that time includes things like Littler starting school and our family vacation to the Isle of Wight, there is a loooooot of winnowing. What is shown here is stage one winnowing, which the picture showing being from the time we rode the steam train on the aforementioned vacation. Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad to make her a pretty for her to look at and show off to friends, but it takes a lot of brain power. That’s something I’ve been short on lately with the whole increasingly crippled thing, but I’ll manage to get something cobbled together tomorrow. I think. >__>

I had a really cool dream last night that involved one of my current favourite authors. I mentioned it on one of my public Twitters, and her tl;dr to it was ‘if x, we should be friends’. Alas, I don’t meet x (a profusion of orange clothing), but it was still really squee. I’m friends with her copyeditor, so I nudged him to vouch that I was cool because holy crap I am a nerd and my brain doesn’t know how to process this. I *think* that were a relationship to actually develop that there’s a good chance of friendship, but like… horse before cart, don’t get all high and mighty on yourself, etc. *flails* Right, swiftly moving onward from this garbage fire portion of my brain… <__<

So then, of today. There is gaming, and there is knitting. I doubt I’m going to finish this sock over the weekend, but that’s because I’m gaming harder than I’m knitting. I’m apparently really feeling my Sims 3 legacy right now, so that’s nice. And oh hey, time to go watch Dr. Who la la la.

*runs away!*


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