How Does Your Garden Grow?

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While this colourway is called ‘Sugar Cookie’, it’s seriously like a rose to me. I love roses to some ridiculous degree, so this suits me. Like, I love roses to the point that I insisted (if possible) that I bring the roses my mother-in-law got me for my first Christmas in the UK here to the new house when we moved. We thankfully were able to do such, and they have done even better here.

But yes, my sock is a rose. It’s pretty darn cool.

*pauses to wrap a present*

I failed in my glorious mission of doing nothing today by going along with the family to look for a present for Z’s mom for her birthday. Which was fine — it’s good for us all to get out of the house, I guess. We ended up getting her a travel Connect 4 to play with the girls as a token gift. She’s ‘hard’ to buy for insomuch that she doesn’t particularly want or need anything, but we still want to get her a little something to show our love beyond photos and cards. Littler is really fond of Connect 4, or at least, shoving all the chips into the slots and letting them drop. So maybe she’ll learn how to play it properly. Maybe she’ll just sit in Mum’s room and amuse her more locally, ha ha.

There’s been a few tiny sprinkles of rain today, but nothing particularly noteworthy. It’s supposed to rain in the week though, so as long as it doesn’t interfere with the school run, then I’m looking forward to it. *chuckles* And worst comes to worse — if it does? I can ask the in-laws to help more than likely, because they are awesome like that. It makes me feel like I’m being lazy even if I know that I’m not, but still. Cripple life isn’t exactly energetic. Har har.

But hey, at least I gave me more chair fodder to enjoy. With the Steam sale on, Anno 2205 finally came down to a price point that I was happy to pay. I was also reminded that the new Diablo III expansion is out in a few days, so bucked up and pre-ordered it. Plus, it means that I’m finally spending some of my Christmas money, which is sort of overdue with it being closer by a few hours to next Christmas rather than last Christmas. I still want to spend most of it on wool even I absolutely do not need any wool, but like… *grabby hands*

Right, I’m off.



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