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I had a really good night of knitting and chatting last night, and a bit of knitting today, and suddenly my first sock is almost five inches long. I checked my leg length on my last pair of socks, and it was all of 4.5 inches. I should probably move on to the heel flap soon before it gets too long to fit over my fatty little calves… but the nature of the ribbing makes it almost infinitely stretchy. We’ll see. I’ve also got to balance it against the fact that the original person doing the pattern was working with 115g of wools, and while I think that I have more yardage and it should be fine, it doesn’t hurt to be paranoid in making sure it all works out right.

The weather has been glorious today. It’s windy and cool; being outside on the school run wasn’t like being in a death trap. And as I finally got to return to sleeping in my own bed last night, I slept pretty darn well and woke up feeling slightly less crap. Tonight should be even better, as the temp is back into the ‘normal’ range, and the appropriate blanket layers are on the bed to work with for maximum comfort. Just even laying down was bliss — it was the ‘right’ feel for my back, give or take. 🙂

I can’t think of anything else to add, so I’ll wander off.


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