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Yes, hail, hail to the air conditioner retrieved from the garage. With the temperatures pushing 90 around here, the fans and lack of breeze weren’t cutting it. And we all needed the relief after a not great night last night. For me, my dumbass forgot to take my meds at the right time, so too hot to sleep + not properly dosed = didn’t get to sleep until after midnight. I wasn’t that impressed with myself. *takes meds while thinking about it*

Of course, this all lead to me feeling like wobbly crap all day. I was very tempted to ask if I could get the in-laws to fetch Littler from school, but I persevered. I also managed to get her vomiting self off the couch, strip the couch, and get her into a bath when the combination of heat and squidgy guts punched her in the belly… I don’t do well with vomit, ngl. Z ended up being the one to get the stuff pushed into the wash, for which I am grateful. I was just glad I was able to tend to the little one.

But yeah, it’s supposed to stay warm for the next little while. If this is what it’s like at the start of summer, Z and I have no desire to fathom how bad it could get. He’s plotting to get a second a/c unit for upstairs, because really — it was pushing 31C at 11pm, and ‘only’ down to 29C after midnight. That was with ceiling fans on full tilt and windows open to capture breezes. If it stays like this, everyone is going to be sleeping downstairs with the quickness. I know I plan on it myself because I desperately need a solid night of sleep. But we’ll see. For the moment, I am tired, and I am in pain because of being tired. *waves cripple flag*

Right, time to round the children up. After that… we’ll see if I stay awake, or zonk the hell out.


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